The Effect of Red Blood Cell Transfusion

The Effect of Red Blood Cell Transfusion on Fatigue, Activity, and Fatigability in Hospitalized Patients with Anemia  

PI: Micah Prochaska, Department of Medicine (Hospital Medicine)

Grant #: FP063133

Description: This proposal will 1) provide data for hospitalized patients on the effects of transfusion on fatigue, activity levels, and fatigability, and 2) create and validate a new fatigability instrument that can be used in future studies to measure the effects of transfusion on fatigue, activity, and fatigability. This same measure could also potentially be used to identify patients for whom a transfusion would be most likely to improve fatigue, activity, fatigability and, ultimately, functional outcomes. Therefore, this K23 career development award proposal will collect data that will fill critical gaps in the understanding transfusion affects important patient-reported and clinical outcomes. The data collected from this proposal can inform and improve transfusion practice for hospitalized patients with anemia. Further, the data collected as part of this proposal will be used to design an RCT of alternative transfusion strategies, including a symptom-driven transfusion strategy, and the pilot and design of this RCT will occur during the last years of this award and correspond with an RO1 submission to fund this RCT, that I would lead as an independent investigator at the end of this K23 award period. This award will also allow me to seek additional training in advanced biostatistics and quantitative data analysis, research methodology, and clinical training the workup, treatment and management of chronic anemia.