Comparative Effectiveness, Technology Assessment and Innovation


While new medical technologies play an important role in improving health care outcomes, they also drive health care costs. Comparative effectiveness researchers analyze the relative effectiveness of alternative interventions through diverse data sources and methods, including randomized clinical trials, observational studies, and simulation modeling to synthesize evidence.

Program Scope

The Program in Comparative Effectiveness, Technology Assessment, and Innovation brings researchers together to determine and improve the cost-effectiveness of medical technologies; the Program also seeks to increase understanding of the factors influencing innovation in health care. Some of the central questions comparative effectiveness research (CER) seeks to answer are: What is the value of health and of health research? How do we determine the value of specific health technologies for both individual patients and society at large? How do specific technologies diffuse in practice, and how does this process impact their value?

This CHeSS program includes University of Chicago faculty from the Department of Medicine (General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics), the Public Health Sciences Department, the MacLean Center for Medical Ethics, the Department of Economics, the Harris School of Public Policy, the School of Social Service Administration, and the Law School.

In the 1960s, University of Chicago faculty pioneered the establishment of CER, and individual UChicago scholars have recently made major contributions in the area, paving the way for a program that advances methods and applies them to important clinical and policy issues.

The Program in Comparative Effectiveness, Technology Assessment, and Innovation provides space for collaborative scholarly efforts, including funded research projects, and supports the development of professional staff with expertise in decision modeling and related data analysis.

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