How do I submit a grant?

CHeSS’ Pre-Award and Contracts staff can help you with all aspects of a grant application, from budget preparation to NIH/funder compliance. The key to submitting a grant is planning ahead. Our team has tools such as checklists and timelines to help an investigator with a successful submission. To learn more about CHeSS Grants Management’s Pre-Award services, contact Angelique Johnson at (773) 702-5066 or Valerie Burgest at (773) 834-1690.

How do I respond to NIH JIT requests?

Congratulations! You received a Just In Time (JIT) request from NIH. While a JIT is not a guarantee of funding, it’s a pretty good sign that your proposal is being considered for funding. Our Pre-Award team will work with an investigator to prepare all documents required to successfully submit a JIT. The document generally required for a JIT is Other Support for all key personnel budgeted on the proposal application. Our staff will work on our behalf to prepare or obtain these documents. Contact Angelique Johnson at (773) 702-5066 or Valerie Burgest at (773) 834-1690 to learn more about CHeSS’ Pre-Award Service for JIT submissions.

How do I set up an outgoing subcontracts?

CHeSS’ Grants Management Pre-Award staff is available to help you set up outgoing subcontracts. Outgoing subcontracts are usually service contracts that an investigator would like to establish with outside agencies (e.g. other universities, community agencies, and organizations) to provide services or specialized work to meet grant award deliverables. Funding for purchasing subcontractor services should be part of your approved budget or listed on your notice of award (NoA) or notice of grant award (NGA). Please contact Angelique Johnson at (773) 702-5066 or Valerie Burgest at (773) 834-1690 for more support and guidance on initiating a subcontract.

How do I set up incoming subcontract?

Incoming subcontracts or subawards represent funding awarded to an investigator from outside organizations that are the lead on a grant proposal or award. Our CHeSS Pre-Award staff is ready to help you with submitting any internal and external paperwork for processing a new subaward. We will work with the University Research Administration (URA) to get your award set up and registered in all University of Chicago grant management systems. Our team will be a point of contact for any administrative questions or work required to manage your award. We provide support from beginning to the end of your contract. If you would like to learn more about the support CHeSS offers, please contact Angelique Johnson at (773) 702-5066 or Valerie Burgest at (773) 834-1690 for more information or support.

How do I get a copy of my Other Support (OS)?

CHeSS provides up-to-date information on the pending and awarded grants it administers for University staff whose OS records we are responsible for keeping.  Faculty in the Department of Medicine (DOM) should contact the pre-award staff member in the DOM grants office for a copy of their OS. Faculty in other departments should contact their department administrator, business center, or assistant for help with OS. Contact Angelique Johnson at (773) 702-5066 or Valerie Burgest at (773) 834-1690 for more information.

How do I buy computers of office supplies using my grant?

Buysite is the University system used to purchase supplies. It’s a web-based electronic purchase order system used to submitting, approving, and tracking any order placed for your grant. If the supplies you’d like to purchase are for a grant not currently managed by the CHeSS Grants Management team, please contact your department’s administrator to initiate ordering for your award. For investigators with projects managed by CHeSS, please work with your designated CHeSS Post-award manager to coordinate purchasing for your project. For addition, please contact Diane Daviera at (773) 834-5302 or Violet Rucci at (773) 702-9681.

How do I get reimbursed for travel using my grant?

Benefits eligible employees are reimbursed through the GEMS system. Please contact your department’s administrator to be set up in GEMS. Non-benefits eligible employees may be reimbursed by submitting receipts and itinerary to Diane Daviera at (773) 834-5302. In addition, a department charge card is available in special circumstances. Please contact your CHeSS post-award administrator to coordinate use of the department charge card.

How do I pay a consultant?

To pay a consultant, please have the consultant complete the following three forms that are necessary for the University to process payments to consultants.