Post-Award specialists at CHeSS manage the administrative and financial requirements of grant accounts, from the award date to the project closeout.

CHeSS staff assures fiscal and programmatic compliance with awarding agencies, allocate the Center’s staff and related faculties’ effort, accurately track and report expenditures and salary disbursements, and provide financial forecasting.  The post-award staff prepares detailed expense budgets (based on awarded funds) and works cooperatively with principal investigators and project managers to ensure proper spending and expense allocation throughout the project period.  Post-award also interacts with the University’s Comptroller to process expenditures and funnel reimbursements to individuals.

In addition, post-award coordinates with the University Research Administration to process the submission of carry-over and no-cost extension requests, subaward requests, fiscal reports, and progress reports for grants. They also ensure compliance with University guidelines and regulations.


We Offer

  • Effort monitoring and management on awards
  • Expense processing and invoicing
  • Financial reporting to University and funding agency
  • Interface with Sponsored Award Accounting, University Research Administration, and Human Resources
  • Guidance on University and funder compliance
  • Requests for carry-over, effort reduction, and no-cost extensions to funding agencies


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