Merative™ MarketScan® Guidelines

The Merative™ MarketScan® Research Databases

Data Access and Data Governance Guidelines

  1. All projects using MarketScan data need to have an eligible Principal Investigator (PI).
  2. Eligible PIs are faculty members with current appointments at UC. Fellows or post-doctoral researchers with current appointments at UC are also eligible as PIs if they have sponsorship from UC faculty.
  3. Per our data license, PIs need to be CHeSS affiliates (we can help with that).
  4. PIs need to sign a DUA to acknowledge and take responsibility for our contract terms.
  5. Teams must work under the supervision of an eligible PI and each person in the team must sign the DUA.
  6. If PIs work with a CHeSS analyst, the analyst will be the person accessing the raw data and running the analyses. If not, others in the team can request access to the raw data if they have a signed DUA and have an active UC affiliation.

In order to access the data at no cost, projects need to be internally funded, which means the funding used to pay for analyst time comes from within UC. Merative allows external funds to pay for analyst time; however, access to the data must then have been budgeted at a per-project cost of $25,000 for federal, state, or foundation grants and $69,300 for commercial funding, either of which is paid to Merative.