Program in Dentistry, the Social Sciences, and Health (DeSH) Application Instructions

Prospective students must apply simultaneously to the Program in Dentistry, the Social Sciences, and Health (DeSH) and to one or more PhD programs in the social sciences at the University of Chicago

Please note that you will also need to apply separately to any PhD programs of interest. Individual programs may have different deadlines and application requirements. You are encouraged to submit both your DeSH and PhD applications as early as possible.

Apply to DeSH using the online application. Applicants must submit the following materials. Please include your first and last name in all file names:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. 1 page description of your past research experience and current research interests, or your personal statement from your PhD applications if it covers these two topics
  3. 1 page statement of your career goals and your reasons for pursuing a dual DDS/DMD-PhD program in dentistry and the social sciences
  4. An official undergraduate transcript. Please have transcripts sent electronically to Kelsey Bogue at
  5. An official transcript from your DDS/DMD program. Please have transcripts sent electronically to Kelsey Bogue at you are applying via the Dental Student Track and you have not yet begun your first year of dental school, please submit proof of application to a DDS/DMD program.
  6. 2 Recommendation letters, which may be the same as those submitted with your PhD application materials. You can upload these to the application. Or, if your references prefer to send their letters directly, please have them sent electronically to Kelsey Bogue at

On the application form, you must specify whether you are applying through the Dental Student Track or the Dental Professional Track. You must also list the PhD departments to which you are applying and either their upcoming deadlines or the dates you submitted the applications for these programs. Please contact Kelsey Bogue, DeSH program administrator, at with any questions about the application.

Click here to launch the DeSH application.