Research Assistant Enrichment Program

This website is for research assistants in the Section of Hospital Medicine who work on the following projects: the Hospitalist Project, CCP, Oral Health, and CAPriCORN . See below for mandatory training modules as well as information on additional enrichment activities.

Required Modules

All research assistants must complete each of the four modules below:

  1. Patient Sensitivity
  2. Motivational Interviewing
  3. Informed Consent
  4. Hospitalist Project: Past, Present, and Future – Coming Soon

Videos of each module can be found here. Ask a research coordinator for the website password.

The Patient Sensitivity and Motiviational Interviewing modules will be offered in person twice per year, and it is recommended that RAs attend these sessions in person whenever possible. If you attend either of these sessions in person, than you do not need to complete the quiz or online evaluation.

If you cannot attend a session in person, you should watch the modules online here. You must complete the online evaluation and pass the quiz to complete this requirement.

The Informed Consent and Hospitalist Project: Past, Present, and Future modules will be offered in person once per year. The training videos can be found here.


If you watched the modules online, please provide us with feedback using the following surveys:

  1.  Patient Sensitivity Evaluation
  2.  Motivational Interviewing Evaluation 


If you did not attend the Patient Sensitivity or Motivational Interviewing sessions in person, you must complete the online quiz and receive an 80% pass rate in order to complete the training module.

  1. Patient Sensitivity Quiz
  2.  Motivational Interviewing Quiz

Additional Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to the required training modules, we offer a number of optional seminars and lectures throughout the year specifically for research assistants. You will receive email invitations for these events from the research coordinators. Past lectures have featured speakers such as:

  • Tom Best, PhD, Manager of Research and Analytics, Center for Health and the Social Sciences
  • Andrea Flores, MA, Senior Statistical Programmer, Section of Hospital Medicine
  • Milda Saunders, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Charlie Wray, DO, Hospitalist Scholar