Typical Grant Submission Timeline

Typical Grant Submission Timeline

Time Before Submission

Investigator Activity

Time Estimate

At least 8 weeks

Meeting with CHeSS staff to discuss grant submission and Key information:


  • Submission Checklist & Deadlines
  • Project title
  • Project start/end date
  • Project budget
  • Project Synopsis
  • Contact information on subcontractor (if applicable)
30-60 minutes
7 weeks

Contact subcontractor(s) to inform the administrator(s) that the following paper work will be needed no later than 2 weeks prior to grant submission:


  • Sub recipient Commitment Form
  • PHS 398 Face Page
  • Scope of Work
  • Budget (e.g. R&R budget or PHS 398 budget pages 4 & 5)
  • Budget Justification
  • Biosketches (Key personnel only)
  • Checklist
Follow-up Time may vary
6 weeks Final budget and budget justification (This allows time for administrators to obtain cost-share memos or cross departmental approvals). Contact subcontractor(s) with their budget amount so they can complete their subcontract paper work. 30 minutes
2½ Weeks Meeting with CHeSS Pre-award staff for first round review and approval of biosketches, budget forms, tables, attachments, and other project information (i.e. narrative, abstract, facilities/resources, references, etc.) 30-60 minutes
1 week Submit finals of all proposal documents along with a near final copy of the science (research strategy) to URA for review. 4-5 day turn around for URA review and endorsement
No less than 12 hours prior to grant deadline (no later than 10 a.m. the morning of submission) Submit final proposal documents to CHeSS team to provide final application to URA for submission to funder(s) Barring no AURA/grants.gov system or other electronic grant submission systems issues—plan 3-4 hours
2 days prior to grant deadline Submit final proposal documents to CHeSS team to make copies, pack, and mail the final application to funder(s) The final FedEx pick up is 5 p.m.—plan 8-12 hours